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    Cost of Dental Implants

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    Are Dental Implants Expensive?

    Dental implant fees vary based on the extent of solution or treatment needed. A wide array of treatments are available and we customize every implant treatment for your needs. Dental implants are without question the most affordable tooth replacement option over a lifetime. Other options last only a few years and create expensive dental problems down the road. No matter what treatment you want or need, we have payment and financing plans to help meet your individual budget.

    What Is The True Value Of Dental Implants?

    Due to its long term solution and high effectiveness, dental implant values well over other treatment options for replacing missing or failing teeth.

    • Dental implants are the ultimate tooth replacement option.
    • Implants have been steadily applied for over 30 years and possesses an amazing 98% success rate.
    • It costs less than a dental bridge when the expenses incurred are calculated over the treatment lifespan.
    • Implants can last for over thirty (30) years.

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